Sunday, 8 June 2014

Outfit Post // Sorbet Statement

This last week has definitely been a weird one when it comes to the weather, one minute the sun was out, then the next it was absolutely wanging it down, why can't it just make it's mind up?! Typical Britain I guess. Anyway, in a spare moment when the sun was out, I made the most of it by glamming up, and showing off my amazing new necklace that I recently won from online jewellery store Johnny Loves Rosie, that I really couldn't wait to show you all!

I was so so excited when I found out I'd won their giveaway, as I literally NEVER win anything. (to put it this way, I once went to the races, and put a pound each on 9 out of 11 horses in a race, and I still didn't manage to win a penny- bad luck seems to follow me around!) I had to choose three items I loved from their website, and then the lovely Verity who works for JLR picked one to send me. I was so glad she picked this one, as I'd already decided exactly how I'd wear it! 

Necklace // Johnny Loves Rosie     Cami, Jeans and Strappy Heels // All Primark

 I really wanted to let the statement necklace do the talking, so I teamed it with much lighter sorbet shades to complement but not overshadow it's coral/orange tone. The whole rest of the outfit is from Primark, with the floaty lemon-yellow cami top being a major find! I couldn't believe how similar it was to the much more expensive Topshop camis, and to be honest it's probably just as good quality. It has been a spring essential for me, and will definitely continue to be throughout summer! 

I'm definitely not ashamed to admit that the white jeans were once my mum's- being the same size dress size does have it's advantages.  I've now well and truly adopted them into my own wardrobe, and although they aren't amazingly fitted (Topshop Jonis I will own you one day) they are just fine for casual summer wear, and definitely won't be hiding away in my wardrobe!

Finally I added an old pair of Primark sandals that I bought but never wore, and forgot I had! I always love finding old items hiding at the back of my drawers, and these couldn't have been more perfect to go with my brand new necklace, it was fate if you ask me! 



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