Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Part 3 // 3 Ways to Wear: Boxy Crop Tee

Here's the last instalment in my '3 ways to wear' blog post series.. In this outfit the Primark tee does all the talking as I've chosen not to layer over it with anything else. So here it is!

Look 3: Dressed Down Day Out
I'm a HUGE fan of the whole 'Parisian chic' trend, and I think mixing a staple white piece like this t-shirt with some red accessories always adds a bit of French style to what would otherwise be a plain outfit, and that's exactly the look I went for!

I kept things so simple and easy with this outfit, I literally just chucked on my favourite pair of blue jegging jeans from Matalan (a similar pair is available to buy here). These jeans aren't actually supposed to be high-waisted like they might look in the pictures, however I've lost quite a bit of weight since I bought them so they don't stay on unless I pull them up really high- sad I know, but they're so comfy I just can't stop wearing them!

I added my Red Topshop chain necklace on too, it's so cute, and looks perfect when you match it with some bright red lippy! I've been messing around with my hair much more recently, and to try and reduce the lions mane that is my barnet I've taken to wearing this 'topknot' style much more recently, and I think it works perfectly with the slightly casual vibes of this outfit.

I'm already planning to rock this look to go shopping, when I'm out for drinks or even just popping out for a coffee (or hot chocolate in my case!). It's my style down to a tee, (see what I did there..) and I'm so glad I saved it till last.!

I really hope you've enjoyed this 'Ways to Wear series', please let me know what you thought of it, and your opinions on my last look...x 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Part 2 // 3 Ways to Wear: Boxy Crop Tee

I really hope you enjoyed part 1 of my 'Ways to Wear' series, and here's my part 2 post! Again the main feature of this outfit is my white boxy crop tee from Primark, but I've gone for a completely different look to the smart one I wore last time. Here goes...

Look 2: Festival Chic
Although I'm not heading to a festival next year, I'm still allowed to get excited for all the festival wear that's coming soon! I absolutely loved Leeds Fest when I went a couple of years ago, and I'm determined to get an elusive Glasto ticket next year, so why not start planning my outfits already- it's never too early, right? Haha well anyway, for this look, I may have borrowed my little sisters dress, but it's just so gorgeous that I couldn't help myself! 

Please excuse my wilder than usual hair! I was having a 'just-washed and too frizzy to straighten or curl' kind of day, having thick hair is such a pain sometimes! Anyway,  on to the outfit.. This gorgeous slip-on dress is from Miss Selfridge, sadly they no longer sell this particular colour but they do have a very similar one which is just as lovely here. I love how the dress on top of the tee gives off perfect festival boho vibes, it's such a laid-back but pretty combination! Obviously the weather would have to be nice to wear this outfit, which isn't always guaranteed at UK festivals, but what's the harm in dressing for Coachella even though you're only at Leeds fest?

I added my Gold Hoop earrings in this outfit just because they don't take away any of the prettiness from the outfit, and as with my last look, I think they add a bit of 'edge'. I think some statement stacked rings would also be perfect for this look, but as I haven't quite built up my collection enough yet I didn't include them in my photos.

Finally I added my favourite pair of cut-out boots that I bought in the Daisy Street sale just after Christmas. They aren't too chunky and have a slightly pointed toe which makes them more feminine than the other coltrane dupes on the market, and I absolutely love them! They are comfy and would be perfect for festivals, although a pair of wellies would also look bang on with this outfit, and would probably be more suitable for festival wear!

I'm super excited to post my last  look very soon, but I'd love to know what you think of my second look! How would you style the boxy crop tee for festivals...?..x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Part 1 // 3 Ways to Wear: Boxy Crop Tee

I'm forever on the hunt for staple pieces! Being on a budget means that I can't always afford to splash out on expensive clothes that I won't wear a lot, so while I do treat myself sometimes (after all I do deserve it haha), the main part of my wardrobe is made up of plain tops and jeans that last me for so much longer just because I can find so many more ways to wear them. I particularly love classic jersey style items that are plain and simple, and this white boxy crop tee from Primark is the perfect example, chic, minimal and just so easy to wear- I love it so much I bought it in two colours! So I thought I'd try out a brand new idea for my blog, and do a series in how to wear this tee in three completely different ways...

Boxy Crop Tee // Primark
Look Number 1: Smart Style
So here's my first look! In my opinion the white tee is the ultimate in simple chic style, and with monochrome being a huge hit trend both this season and last, adding a smart black jumpsuit like this Missguided one is a sure fire way to look smart and stylish with zero effort. Unfortunately Missguided no longer do this jumpsuit (I did buy it over a year ago), but Daisy Street have literally just started stocking the exact same one here so if you love it as much I do you're in luck! 

I kept the accessories minimal, and just wore my trusty Gold Hoops. I always worry about looking 'chavvy' when I wear them, but I do think they add a bit of edge to some outfits a la Rihanna style. Although I do think a more classic statement pair of earrings wouldn't go amiss with this outfit- it's just a shame all mine are broken haha!   

Again I kept things simple in the shoe department- you really can't go wrong with a pair of black flats, although adding a  nude heel like this gorgeous loafer-style pair from Next would definitely smarten the look up more, and mixing in another colour to an all monochrome look is definitely a good idea if all black and white isn't your thing.  

I could easily see myself wearing this outfit to a posh dinner out or even an interview, the white tee and black jumpsuit are the perfect mix of smart and casual! 

I hope you've enjoyed the first look in this series! Please let me know what you think, and if there's a staple piece in yur wardrobe that you're loving at the moment!...x
Saturday, 12 April 2014

Party Perfect Wishlist

Even though I'm constantly skint at the moment, I still can't help but dream of the summer and warm nights out drinking yummy cocktails, and not forgetting a holiday in the sun. So I've decided to finally get rid of my winter tights collection- which after a bit too much wear is now full of rips and holes, and hopefully start baring my pale legs again very soon! For summer I'm loving bright colours, and the neon yellow/lime theme of this wishlist is a definite favourite of mine!

1. Crop Top // Missguided     2. Midi Skirt // Missguided     3. Earrings // New Look     4. Bag // H&M   
5. Court Shoes // Asos
Missguided just seem to get better and better with every season, and at the moment they have some absolutely amazing pieces (of which I could literally take all day to list), but one of my absolute faves is this AMAZING mesh insert bodycon skirt with a lime stripe. It just screams summer party outfit, and the midi-cut is so flattering for so many shapes, it's one of my favourite styles of skirt. It's also the perfect holiday piece, I don't think I can give myself any more excuses to buy it! I also spotted this cute little crop top, again with a mesh insert, and while it goes perfectly with the skirt (complete accident by the way!) it is also a really versatile piece as it could also easily work with denim shorts like this River Island pair for a festival feel, or some high waisted printed jeans like these amazing Topshop Jonis! I've never felt really comfortable with my tummy area when it comes to wearing crop tops, but 21/2 months into my Results with Lucy programme and I'm slowly starting to look forward to wearing my bikini this summer, but that's another story, and another blog post too! 

 I added these lovely Gold Hoop earrings from New Look, I'm a sucker for a statement necklace, but sometimes nothing beats a pair of classic statement earrings, and I'm forever on the hunt for a new pair to add to my always expanding collection. These are simple and chic enough to wear with almost anything!

To keep the sunny theme in this outfit I added this gorgeous bargain bag from H&M, it's the perfect size for carrying all the 'essentials' in- and when I say essentials I mean an endless list of things I don't always need, but have to take out with me 'just in case'.  Finally these simple pointed court shoes from Asos are a pair I've had my eye on for ages, They are so classy and I don't think the pointed toe will every be out of fashion, so these are definitely a pair to invest in (even though they are a bargain at just £25!).

I'm itching to get my hands on this outfit, so I don't think it will be long before I just can't resist!

What's on your wishlist for summer? Are their any pieces you're absolutely loving at the moment..?x 
Friday, 4 April 2014

Outfit Post // Spring Shades

So before the smog descended this week we did get a day (even if it was only the one) of fairly nice weather up in Huddersfield, and as that is a rarity, I decided to make a change and take some outfit photos outside in my garden! At the moment the flowers are all blooming for spring, so I thought what better way to compliment my Pastel inspired outfit than with a super pretty background...

Jacket // SheInside     Top // New Look (last season)     Jeans // New Look (similar here)     Bag // Accessorize 

Necklace // Primark

I ordered this gorgeous coat from SheInside quite a while ago, and was so impressed as I managed to pay just over £20 for it! While I did have to wait quite a while for delivery, I couldn't complain because it was free. I felt like this coat was a good investment as it will definitely be perfect for taking me from spring to summer, on those colder days when I need a bit of a cover-up to stay warm. The mint green pastel shade is everywhere right now, and as I haven't been a huge fan of the popular Pink coat that a lot people have been wearing, this felt like the perfect way for me to take on the pastel trend! 

I bought this lace collared shirt from New Look over a year ago now, and I've certainly had my wear out of it. It lasted me all last summer as well as being perfect for this season- the white lace and pleated pattern is perfect for adding a bit of femininity to any outfit, I can wear it with a pretty skirt or my leather jacket, it's just so versatile. 

To toughen the outfit up a little bit and keep it up to date I wore these D.I.Y ripped jeans. I bought the original un-ripped pair from New Look a couple of years ago, and while I have to say I've never been very crafty or good at D.I.Y, after seeing a couple of other bloggers re-vitalise and rip their jeans themselves, I thought to myself, I've got to give that a go, how hard can it actually be?! Well I have to say it was harder than anticipated, and I didn't do a very good job, but oh well there was no harm in trying! Plus I will still get plenty of wear out of them,  because I wear all my jeans to absolute death!

For accessories I chose my trusty Accessorize bag, and a really pretty necklace I bought from Primark recently. For just £3 I couldn't say no, and the pastel coloured roses are lovely for a staple accessory that brings a touch of spring to plenty of outfit combos.

Are you loving pastel pieces for Spring? What items are you wearing to take on the trend...?x 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lily Lulu SS14 Press Event!

Eeek! So I attended my first ever Blogger event last Thursday night! The event was hosted by a brand I mentioned on my last post, Lily Lulu Fashion , and was held at the lovely Barca Bar, a gorgeous canal-side venue in the Castlefield area of Manchester. As my first blogger event, I really had no idea what to expect from the night, so headed by myself on the short train ride into Manchester Piccadilly, then onto Deansgate , nervously excited as to what the evening would hold. The event started at 7:30pm, but thanks to my forever rubbish timing (and navigating) skills I didn't actually arrive until 8:30. This was a bit of a shame as I felt like I'd missed a major part of the evening- and the all important introductions, however once I got sat down and chatting I needn't have worried, as everyone was so welcoming and lovely, my nerves were soon all vanished! 

There were yummy cupcakes and crisps on offer for all the guests, as well as Krispy Kreme donuts in return for a donation- the event was all in aid of Cancer Research, a cause very close to my heart. We were also each given two Lily Lulu tags on arrival, which we were allowed to place on the two items of clothing we loved the most, although deciding between the pretty pastel collection and the unique floral pieces was just so hard! 
After a mooch around the gorgeous clothing collections, I was kindly given a goody bag filled with some lovely beauty products, discount cards, a necklace and my favourite of all, jelly beans- yum! I also got to chat to lots of other lovely bloggers, and it was great to be able to find out a bit about them all, as well as discover some fab new blogs to read! 

Top // Warehouse     Skirt // Next     Shoes // New Look (similar here)     Bag // New Look (last season)    
Earrings // River Island

As I'd never been to an event like this I really had no idea what to wear, so after a quick shopping trip the night before, I opted for this gorgeous Warehouse Organza crop top and navy Next Midi skirt. as I felt like they were smart, chic but most of all comfy- I was well prepared for the oncoming cupcake food baby! I also added my favourite pastel River Island earrings to bring a little bit of colour, sorry if they are a little bit hard to see. 

Overall, I had such a lovely night, I really can't thank all the other lovely blogger girls and Lily Lulu enough! It was also super-nice to get to chat to Liz, who seems to be the general wonder woman at Lily Lulu. It was a fantastic event and I felt very privileged to get to see their SS14 collection!

Have you checked out the Lily Lulu website? What pieces are you loving from them at the moment...?x


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