Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Part 3 // 3 Ways to Wear: Boxy Crop Tee

Here's the last instalment in my '3 ways to wear' blog post series.. In this outfit the Primark tee does all the talking as I've chosen not to layer over it with anything else. So here it is!

Look 3: Dressed Down Day Out
I'm a HUGE fan of the whole 'Parisian chic' trend, and I think mixing a staple white piece like this t-shirt with some red accessories always adds a bit of French style to what would otherwise be a plain outfit, and that's exactly the look I went for!

I kept things so simple and easy with this outfit, I literally just chucked on my favourite pair of blue jegging jeans from Matalan (a similar pair is available to buy here). These jeans aren't actually supposed to be high-waisted like they might look in the pictures, however I've lost quite a bit of weight since I bought them so they don't stay on unless I pull them up really high- sad I know, but they're so comfy I just can't stop wearing them!

I added my Red Topshop chain necklace on too, it's so cute, and looks perfect when you match it with some bright red lippy! I've been messing around with my hair much more recently, and to try and reduce the lions mane that is my barnet I've taken to wearing this 'topknot' style much more recently, and I think it works perfectly with the slightly casual vibes of this outfit.

I'm already planning to rock this look to go shopping, when I'm out for drinks or even just popping out for a coffee (or hot chocolate in my case!). It's my style down to a tee, (see what I did there..) and I'm so glad I saved it till last.!

I really hope you've enjoyed this 'Ways to Wear series', please let me know what you thought of it, and your opinions on my last look...x 



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