Tuesday, 4 March 2014

March Must Haves

So March is here and Spring is on it's way, which definitely calls for a wishlist! I'm really loving coming out of work at 5 to bright sunshine instead of pitch black, meaning I've got so much more time to enjoy the nice weather (when it decides to turn up), so this collection of Must Haves definitely sums that up! It's laid-back and casual, and fits my mood perfectly at the moment...

1. Sleeveless Boyfriend Jacket // Fashion Union     2. T-Shirt // River Island     3. Training Shoes // Nike   
4. Bleach Boyfriend Jeans // Boohoo
I've been lusting after this longline jacket for far too long now! It's just so gorgeous, and is casual yet so classic at the same time. While it is quite a statement piece, I could see myself wearing it so much now that the weathers getting a bit nicer, What I really love about it is the jersey style material which makes it so cool. The only reason why I haven't bought it yet is because it's £36, and while that's not reeeally expensive, it's still a bit more than I'd want to pay for one item, so I'll give it a few weeks until the regret kicks in and I go ahead and buy it anyway!

I'm not usually a really casual dresser, it's a rare occasion that I just go out in a plain t-shirt, but this super cute slogan tee from River Island might persuade me otherwise, Plus, it says Donut, I mean, it doesn't really get much better than that considering how much I love donuts! 

Words can't describe how much I love these trainers. I always love a nosy on the Nike website drooling over things I can't afford, even more so now I'm trying to build up my fitness - a New Years Resolution which seems to be lasting. I customised these trainers myself on the site (which I probably enjoyed a bit too much) and thought it was ace how you can personalise the trainers, making them just perfect for you! These would certainly help me wake up a bit quicker for my morning jog, as they are so stylish. There's always a downside though, as they cost a not so cheap £115, ouch! 

My love for boyfriend jeans has gone from strength to strength, and while I do have a pair now, I still can't help myself at looking for another. These high-waisted bleach jeans from Boohoo are really summery, but I don't usually go for high-waisted styles as they emphasise my tummy area, so maybe in a month or two when I've shifted those last few pounds, these will be top of my list!

What spring buys are you lusting after? Do you have any must-haves for the new season...?x


  1. These boohoo jeans are on my wishlist too, I love them! Great picks :) x

  2. Great wishlist, dear)
    Nice post.
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  3. Wow I just love the ripped jeans and boyfriend jacket so pretty! and my must haves would be high waisted trousers and shorts for Spring/Summer to team with crop tops :D x


    1. I know it's the perfect combo! Yeah I totally agree, you can't beat a crop top in summer x

  4. Great post you have here, really like the T-shirt in particular :) I have chosen to pick you as one of my beautiful bloggers to do a beauty procrastination tag, if you are interested it is on my blog?xx


    1. Thanks a lot lovely :) Oh thankyou I'll have a look now xx



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